Knowledge Hub

We think that it is important to be open about our endeavours and to share the knowledge that we gain widely. And ecology is central to this.

We will set up an ecological onboarding and training programme for everyone in our organisation. In addition, we are embedding knowledge management in our business operations. We will set up an ecological data management system to share the collected data with internal and external users. The data that we collect is also scientifically oriented, which means that we will guarantee its scientific usefulness for, for example, other (external) research and publications. We will also set up an independent ecological advisory panel that can help and redirect us if necessary.

We believe that working together is essential for the future of the energy transition. This is why we will provide an innovation zone in the wind farm: a space for researchers and startups to test new innovations in an offshore environment. Additionally, we will participate in working groups and network meetings and will organise education and training for students and professionals. We will also use these partnerships to bring our knowledge and experience regarding ecology and wind energy to the attention of the wider public.

Finally, we will realise an information centre, where people can learn about our project, the innovations behind it and the importance of renewable energy and offshore wind farms in an interactive way.