Our approach

Our requirements

To make the most positive contribution possible, our approach meets five requirements:

  • Holistic, because everything is connected within an ecosystem;
  • Customised, because the effects of our measures will differ per species;
  • The full project lifecycle, because every phase will have a different impact on the ecology;
  • Continuous improvement, via the evaluation of new insights;
  • Filling knowledge gaps as much as possible, so that future wind farms will have more knowledge regarding the ecology of the North Sea and the effectiveness of our measures.

Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

Not only are we committed to protect the environment and minimise the impact of our activities on nature. We are also committed to care for and promote the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) of ourselves, the people working with us, our contractors, our community and those that might be affected by our acts or omissions.

We want to ensure that we provide a great workplace and a safe and healthy environment. Every person contributing to this project is equally important. As such, we actively work to guarantee that everyone involved feels heard and safe enough to speak up – from our direct team and partners to our neighbours. We work together with our employees, partners, and contractors to continuously stimulate HSSE awareness and provide more information.

One of our key principles are the 10 Life-Saving Rules, which are intended to take good care of ourselves and others while working on or visiting the wind farm.