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As one of our innovation partners, MIDO co-develops FLORA 1; an innovative, self-powered floating radar station for offshore bird tracking. MIDO and its parent company Wedge Global design and develop specialised ocean energy technology for niche applications, including ocean observation. The combination of MIDO’s floating energy systems with advanced sensor technology makes it possible to carry out offshore measurement campaigns.

Environmental sustainability is only as good as its underpinning data quality. We’ve accepted Ecowende’s challenge to bring to bear our know-how on the development of a robust, maritime system that facilitates data collection excellence.
Roger Espejo
Chief Innovation Officer Wedge Global

Technology and design of FLORA 1

MIDO’s technology facilitates autonomous, in-situ and uninterrupted observation of marine life and biodiversity in a hard-to-reach or harsh environment, such as our wind farm.

MIDO has applied a bespoke, basic mooring design to FLORA 1 allowing for an easy, modular assembly and ensuring a low ecological footprint. This also makes the station easy to deploy and relocate if needed, which enables the expansion of possible site coverage and measurements. Using MIDO’s proven engineering designs of wave energy converters, FLORA 1 is capable of renewable power generation for autonomous operation.

The station’s design and autonomous operation allow for remote control and surveillance, facilitated by satellite communications. Additionally, this autonomy is fundamental to ensure a high degree of system availability and uninterrupted data collection – maximising situational monitoring streaming and minimising operational risks as much as possible.

FLORA 1 has undergone a rigorous design process, where the naval engineering design has been certified by the maritime classification society, RINA.

Measurements for monitoring programme

FLORA 1 plays a crucial role in our monitoring and research programme for birds. FLORA 1 generates so-called ‘T Zero’ measurements of bird migrations through the wind farm zone. T zero measurements are measurements taken prior to the construction of the wind farm. The station’s radar scanning capabilities extend to a 10 km radius and facilitate remote control and data transmission. The measurements do not only inform the placement of the wind turbines but subsequently serve as a critical data baseline to evaluate the effectiveness of our various ecological innovations during the wind farm’s operational life.

Integration of FLORA 1 and MAX®

MIDO has been working with Robin Radar Systems to ensure that the FLORA 1 floating radar station is especially designed for the offshore installation and operation of Robin Radar's MAX®. The MAX® is a next-generation avian radar that will operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This will be the first-ever floating MAX®. Together, the integration of these renewable and radar technologies unlock more accurate, situational bird data through continuous precision measurements.

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