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With 30 years of applied radar science, Robin Radar Systems is an expert in its field of cutting-edge radar technologies. Robin Radar provides a total of four MAX® Radar Systems for our birds and bats monitoring- and research programmes. The MAX® helps monitor the size, speed, height, location and flight path data for each bird or bat it detects.

Ecowende is the perfect example of the sheer passion for innovation in this industry. Our mission is to create greater safety for humans and wildlife alike. In Ecowende, we find a like-minded partner.
Sibylle Giraud
VP Wind & Environmental Practice Robin Radar Systems

MAX® Radar Systems

The three-dimensional (3D) MAX® radars operate year-round in all weather conditions, simultaneously tracking and organising data into one informative and intuitive interface. The fetched data is crucial for our birds and bats monitoring and research programmes, helping us fill existing knowledge gaps and evaluate the effectiveness of our ecological innovations.

MAX® also adds significant value before any infrastructure is even built, deploying in pre-construction phases to gather detailed data for Ecowende's Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA). The radar can detect, track and log bird and bat movements, behavioural and cyclical patterns, speed, positioning and height to inform the conscious development of the wind farm.

Distribution across the wind farm

Three radars are located on turbines spread across the offshore wind farm, coupled with cameras and MUSE – an AI-powered species recognition solution by DHI. By integrating the MAX® with DHI’s MUSE solution, even more information can be gathered automatically. This includes information on the actual bird species being observed.

The fourth MAX® is deployed on MIDO’s floating FLORA 1 platform, making it the first-ever floating MAX®. This breakthrough technology takes away the restriction of having to mount radar systems on turbines or existing infrastructure, allowing us to place MAX® in the most optimal position within the wind farm.

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Robin Radar
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Monitoring and research
Illustratie onderzoek
Monitoring and research 

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