Within Ecowende, Sif is responsible for manufacturing the 52 monopiles without transition pieces. In addition, Sif also manufactures and supplies the secondary steel components, such as main platforms to access the turbines for maintenance and other operations, stairs and boat landings. The monopiles, including the secondary steel components, have a total weight of about 70 kilotonnes.

We are grateful that Ecowende has chosen Sif as partner. With Sif’s involvement in almost all Dutch North Sea wind farms over the past 20 years, we have gained valuable expertise in this specific market.
Fred van Beers

Fabrication of monopiles without transition piece

Traditionally, the design of monopiles includes a transition piece (TP) between the monopile and the tower. Developments in the installation process make it possible to install the foundations without a TP. This approach does not only allow for faster installation, but also reduces costs. Sif has manufactured monopiles without transition pieces before. They have been successfully used for other wind farm projects off the Dutch coast, like CrossWind.

Additionally, Sif places multiple brackets and sensor poles on the main access platforms, so we can install radars and sensors for wildlife detection and monitoring – above and below water.

Expansion of production facilities

In February 2023, Sif announced the final investment decision for the expansion of its production facilities in Rotterdam. On that occasion, Ecowende committed as one of the first clients for the expanded plant.

Thanks to the strategic position of the production facilities in Rotterdam as central delivery point and the accumulated expertise, Sif can deliver the monopiles for an entire offshore wind farm in a relatively short amount of time. When the new installation vessel Boreas docks at the Maasvlakte facility to load the project, all 52 monopiles with their secondary steel components will be ready and stored at Sif’s site.

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