Van Oord

As Ecowende’s official marine contractor, Van Oord is responsible for transporting and installing various components of our wind farm: from the foundations and scour protection to the inter-array cables and turbines. We are also collaborating with Van Oord on various feasibility studies and solution development.

Our purpose is to create a better world for future generations. At Van Oord we believe that the installation of offshore infrastructure and improving the natural environment should go hand in hand. A win-win for the energy transition and marine biodiversity.
Arnoud Kuis
Managing Director Van Oord Offshore Energy

Transportation and installation of the foundations and turbines

Van Oord will use their brand-new vessel Boreas for transporting and installing the foundations. The foundations consist of extended monopiles without a transition piece and secondary steel components. These secondary steel sets consist of boat landings, main access platforms and internal platforms. The platforms will be used for maintenance activities once the wind farm is operational.

Van Oord will deploy the vibro hammer as the primary installation method to install the monopiles at their desired depths. This will be the first large scale implementation of this innovative technique at a Dutch offshore wind farm. Van Oord will also deploy the Boreas for the installation of the turbines.

Installation of scour protection

Van Oord will use one of their flexible fallpipe vessels for the installation of the scour protection. These vessels are equipped with a unique automated fallpipe system which enables a highly accurate and efficient rock installation.

Van Oord has also advised Ecowende on nature enhancing components in the design of the scour protection to help stimulate a diverse habitat for marine life. This has resulted in the implementation of two of our wind farm’s innovations: ecological scour protection and eco-friendly cable crossings. Van Oord has offered Ecowende the installation services for these innovations via the Ocean Health programme.

In recent years, Van Oord has gained valuable experience working on nature-inclusive design. With their eco-friendly scour protection programme, Van Oord is developing various methods to stimulate nature in wind farm projects.

Installation of the inter-array cables

Van Oord will install the inter-array cables. Van Oord’s upgraded “green” cable-laying vessel Nexus, equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to reduce emissions, will be deployed for the installation of inter-array cables. The vessel is also equipped with a huge cable carousel with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes. Watch this video to learn more about the Nexus and how it works.

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