Exploring interfaces and opportunities for research
synergies with wind farm developers, governmental
institutions and NGO's during ecology session

Wednesday 8 May 2024

During the Ecowende Ecology Session, we presented our research approach regarding the ecology scope for the Ecowende wind farm Hollandse Kust West. We shared more about our research and monitoring plans above and below water. From innovations and baseline monitoring plans to the specific technologies that will be deployed in the wind farm for research purposes. We also discussed our plans for knowledge dissemination – a key aspect of our project – as we believe that we can help other institutions and wind farm developers by sharing the knowledge we gain.

Create robust research results

Together with our partners, we spent last year to progress our plans from the outline which was presented in the tender to the level of detail which is required to create robust research results. Hermione van Zutphen, Ecowende: “Our baseline monitoring campaign is already starting this summer, so this was a good time to bring everyone together and share our plans for the coming years.”

"Impressive to see the entirety of the program during the Ecology Session"

Alrike Dreissen, Waardenburg Ecology: “Even though we have been working on the ecological monitoring and research program together with Ecowende and WaterProof over a year, it is quite impressive to see the entirety of the program. We are very proud to significantly contribute to a knowledge base on effective mitigation and nature stimulation measures.”

Ecology Session Presentation

Charting a course for continued conversations and collaboration

After the main presentation, we invited all attendees to join us in an open discussion regarding potential interfaces and possibilities for synergies with other organisations. But also with regards to ongoing or scheduled research projects. This was a great moment to share ideas and identify opportunities where we can help each other – or even collaborate.

Pauline Roos, Ecowende: “Our ecological research program is just one of many in the Dutch North Sea. Having these discussions is important to ensure that all the data being collected is complementary to each other and to ensure efficient use of the resources available to us. For example, during the session we learned there are quite a few opportunities to join efforts with government research programs and other wind park developers.”

Work together to fill knowledge gaps

Filling knowledge gaps on ecology in and around wind farms in the North Sea requires collaboration between research disciplines and among organisations. Joost Brinkkemper, WaterProof: “The enthusiasm during the session showed the willingness of institutions and wind farm developers to work together on this effort and it was great to see how many projects could be identified that could contribute to or benefit from our research program.” Alrike adds: “We are glad to already discover opportunities for collaboration and synergies that could further strengthen the knowledge we will gain with the Ecowende project.”