Although the potential of installing taller wind turbines sounds promising, we believe we can do even more to reduce the number of (fatal) collisions.

We see this as a unique opportunity to test various innovations for deterrence. For example, we want to apply a bird deterrence system at 5 to 10 turbines that uses sound to deter birds.

We also want to use a UV topcoat at one of three blades on 5 to 10 turbines that can possibly make the rotor zone more visible, and thus easier to avoid. To be able to use these topcoats, the coatings must first be certified.

We will also test and implement the live recognition of bird species at 30-40% of the turbines to finetune our deterrence systems and curtailment of the rotor.

If these innovations are successful, this will be promising for the future. Ultimately, this would mean that less curtailment is required – which is beneficial for the generation of energy.