The most ecological wind farm yet

With Ecowende, we will take a huge step by building the most ecological wind farm yet. By doing so, we want to help make a positive contribution to biodiversity and thus accelerate the large-scale roll-out of offshore wind in the Netherlands and beyond. Ecology will be leading because we know that renewable energy must become more sustainable.

Dec 2022
Tender won
The tender for HKW (lot VI) was won on December 15, 2022.
May 2023
Permit irrevocable
The RVO declared the permit irrevocable on May 22, 2023.
Jun 2023
Go-live at WindDay
First presentation of Ecowende and our holistic approach to the public.
Sep 2023
Sail out topside Tennet
Soon this 'power socket at sea' will bring Ecowende's green electrons ashore.
Sep 2023
Partner announcement: Van Oord
We will collaborate with Van Oord for the construction of our wind farm.
Sep 2023
Partner announcement: Waardenburg Ecology
Waardenburg Ecology will monitor and study the development of biodiversity at our wind farm.
Dec 2023
Partner announcement: Sif Holding
Sif will provide the monopile foundations for our wind farm.
Dec 2023
Contract signing Van Oord
Van Oord is officially contracted for construction.
Dec 2023
Partner announcement: Vestas
Vestas will supply the wind turbines for our wind farm.
Feb 2024
Partner announcements: Robin Radar, MIDO & DHI
Robin Radar, MIDO & DHI supply monitoring systems.
Mar 2024
Partner announcement: HUB Ocean
We work together with HUB Ocean for access ecology data.
Apr 2024
Partner announcement: GBM Works
GBM Works provides innovative silent installation method.